Thumb Cocked, Waist-Height:
Smartphones, Art-Viewing, and a New Collecting 

(read here) / Temporary Art Review 

...Reformulating punctum as a practice, rather than a given element within the photo, we can consider punctum as a moment that pricks and sparks the desire to make an image, to crystallize an instance. And in the image itself, the punctum may no longer be present. The photo—the representation, which is the crystallization of the moment-that-pricked—operates in time differently than its referent. It’s an index of an impulse, and carries that punctum into the future and to different viewers. As a digital image, the representation lives in time differently because its space is different: unlike its referent, the photo can exist in many minds and places at once, be altered by varied screens, and sent with divergent purposes—I take the photo, and text the instance of blue to a friend to say hey.